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Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI, Color: Stainless Steel
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI, Color: Black
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI
Brand: MIELE, Model: G1202SCI, Color: White
Miele Appliances

Miele G1202SCI Optima II Series

18" Full Console Dishwasher with 6 Wash Programs, 9 Place Setting, CleanAir Drying, AutoSensor/SensorDry, PC Update, Water Softener and Cutlery Tray
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Miele g1202sci

At the very core of Miele's technical and production competencies are washing machines. Having more experience than almost any other appliance company on the planet, Miele has taken the washing machine in Europe, and around the world, to the highest level of durability, reliability and convenience while always remembering the product's potential impact on their cherished natural resources.

Miele products are truly built to last. The company is committed to its "vertical integration" philosophy, which means Miele directly oversees the production and quality control on nearly all components used in every machine, from metal stamping and enameling to circuit boards and relays.

A Heritage of Quality and Innovation
The dinner table - where crystal sparkles, fine china glistens and gleaming heirloom silverware reflects treasured memories. Ensuring the quiet, spotless care of cherished tableware is what drives one of the most respected groups of German appliance engineers to continually improve its dishwasher. A 109-year-old Miele family tradition of crafting superior, groundbreaking products that are, in the words of the company's patriarchs, Immer Besser or Forever Better. No other dishwasher brand in the world is more trusted, wins more design awards or leads in technological firsts. The latest generation of Miele residential and commercial dishwashers proudly continues this legacy.

    PC Update Function
  • Miele was the first manufacturer to introduce the revolutionary concept of updatable machines.
  • Thanks to the PC Update function, you can now keep up with the technological advances.
  • Using a laptop computer, a Miele technician can alter a machine's programming parameters.
  • For example to reduce its water intake or electricity consumption or adapt it to a new type of detergent.
  • PC Update is just another example of how Miele extends the useful life of its dishwashers.

    Touchtronic Controls

    Straight control panel

    Optional Door Panels

    Accepts Custom Door Panel (Required)

    6 Wash Programs Including China and Crystal, and Turbo Setting

    Vario Temperature Settings
  • A revolutionary temperature control system.
  • Vario uses sensors to maintain optimal wash temperatures in order to ensure brilliant results without etching.

  • Select models use an EcoSensor or AutoSensor that influences program variables to provide superb washing.
  • Both sensors measure the turbidity of the water.
  • And adapts the program to the degree of soiling by either increasing or reducing the number of times the water is changed during the cycle.
  • The AutoSensor adapts the water consumption, program duration and temperature for brilliant results.

    CleanAir Drying System with SensorDry
  • Most Miele dishwashers employ an advanced drying system that draws room temperature air through a port at the bottom of the appliance.
  • This air is disbursed through special channels around the exterior dishwasher cavity and allows the interior water particles to condense against the walls of the dishwasher.
  • During this process no external air is ever introduced inside of the dishwasher.
  • This provides the most effective and hygienic drying possible.

    9 Place Setting Capacity

    Intake/Drain Fault Indicator

    Rinse Aid Refill Indicator

    24 Hour Delay Start/Countdown
  • Most Miele dishwashers have an LCD display that indicates either the time remaining for the cycle to complete or the delay start function.
  • Delay start allows programs to be pre-selected for up to 24 hours in advance.

    Detergent Options

    Double Waterproof System
  • All Miele dishwashers have a safety valve located on the incoming water line and a sealed underside with a water sensor.
  • Water intake is stopped and the drain pump activated if a fault occurs.
  • Water damage, if any, is minimized. That's waterproof!

    Child Safety Lock
  • Many Miele dishwashers have a special switch in the handle recess.
  • Which can be pushed to prevent young children from opening the door and accessing the cabinet and detergent dispensers.

    Q1 Acoustics
  • Miele dishwashers are acclaimed as the most quiet and reliable on the market.
  • For decades, millions of satisfied customers have enjoyed peaceful cohabitation in open floor plan homes with one, or two, Miele dishwashers running smoothly in the background.
  • No unpleasant interruptions or the need to escape from the room, or even the house when you own Miele.

    351 kWh Consumption Per Year

    Upgraded Upper Basket

    Upgraded Lower Basket

    Separate Cutlery Tray
  • Miele's patented cutlery tray has several major advantages over traditional baskets.
  • Silverware can be safely cleaned and removed hygienically.
  • A spare tray simplifies handling.
  • Simply remove the clean cutlery in its tray and replace it with an empty tray.
  • The trays fit neatly into a kitchen drawer.

PC Update Function: Yes
Touchtronic Controls: Yes
Control Panel: Straight

Standard Features
Capacity: 9 Place Setting
Wash Programs: 6 Including China and Crystal, and Turbo Setting
Vario Temperature Settings: Yes
Auto Sensor: Yes
Drying System: CleanAir with SensorDry
Intake/Drain Fault Indicator: Yes
Rinse Aid Refill Indicator: Yes
Delay Start/Countdown: 24 Hour
Detergent Options: Yes
Child Safety Lock: Yes
Double Waterproof System: Yes
Q1 Acoustics: Yes

Basket Configurations
Upgraded Upper Basket: Yes
Upgraded Lower Basket: Yes
Standard Cutlery Basket: No
Cutlery Tray: Yes

Overall Width: 17 5/8"
Overall Depth: 22 1/2"
Overall Height: 32 1/16" to 34 5/8"
Cutout Width: 17 3/4"
Cutout Depth: 23" Min.
Cutout Height: 32 1/16" to 34 5/8"
Panel Width: 17 1/2"
Panel Depth: 3/4"
Panel Height: 21 1/4" to 27 1/4"
Panel Weight: 23 Lbs. Max. (19 Lbs. for Stainless Steel)

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