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Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236, Style: Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236
Brand: Miele Vacuums, Model: S5981CapricornSEB236

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Miele Vacuums S5981CapricornSEB236 S5 Series

Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SEB236 Power Brush, 1200-Watt Vortex Motor System, Active H.E.P.A. Filter and 4.76 Quart Dustbag 4002514555645
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Miele Vacuums S5981CapricornSEB236

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Miele Vacuums : MicroSet Collection of Micro-Accessories and Nozzles

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Miele Vacuums : STB205-3 Air-Driven Turbobrush (S5 Models)

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Miele Vacuums : Seb 236 Electro Premium Powerbrush

Replacement Dust Bags and Filters
Add Qty Plessers Appliances & Electronics Miele Vacuums - 07226170 $49.00
Miele Vacuums : Active Hepa Filter (ah 50)

Add Qty Plessers Appliances & Electronics Miele Vacuums - 07805110 $18.00
Miele Vacuums : Type G/N 4.76 quart Replacement FilterBag

Add Qty Plessers Appliances & Electronics Miele Vacuums - 07226160 $49.00
Miele Vacuums : Active Hepa Filter (ah 30)

Add Qty Plessers Appliances & Electronics Miele Vacuums - 07226150 $36.00
Miele Vacuums : Active Airclean Filter (aac 50)
Miele Vacuums s5981capricornseb236

Must a Vacuum Cleaner Be So Perfect? In Order To Be a Miele... Yes it Does

Quality. Quality. Quality.
Miele's maxim, for everything!

S5 vacuum cleaners are manufactured at Miele's Bielefeld factory in Germany where every effort is made to embrace the company's 107-year motto of Immer Besser or Forever Better. Endurance testing in custom-built laboratories forms an intrinsic part of quality assurance on all Miele vacuum cleaners. Before any production process begins, all components are put through rigorous tests and subjected to enormous strain stress that exceeds typical residential household use. In fact, every unit is put through a final quality test, not just one in every hundred or two per production run, ensuring that your home is not a testing ground. Only when all components, electronics and floor tools have successfully passed each critical exam will the Miele brand name be bestowed on them.

Excellent maneuverability
The three smooth-running 360° castor wheels mounted on steel axles ensure maximum stability and maneuverability for your vacuum cleaner. They are cleverly designed with a travel ramp to help you maneuver your vacuum easily over thresholds and around obstructions.

Wide operating radius
The S5 is fitted with an extra long cable to avoid the need of having to change sockets halfway through vacuuming. Together with the hose and suction tube, you have an operating radius of 29 1/2 feet.

Six level power adjustment
The power setting on the new S5 can be adjusted on six levels, depending on the type of flooring you're cleaning or surface you're dusting. Easy to understand graphic symbols indicate which setting is best suited for different kinds of surfaces, such as rugs and carpets, drapes or hard floors. On select models, the power levels are back-lit, making it easier to find the right setting.

Purposeful design
Miele vacuum cleaners are instantly identifiable by their unique design and stylish character. Careful attention is paid to every curve, angle and line ensuring that the only thing rivaling the vacuum's beauty is its functionality. Skillfully crafted to provide easy operation, effortless movement and remarkable efficiency ' Miele's beauty is far more than skin deep.

Responsive Features Make Your Life Easier
Intelligent automatic setting When the automatic setting is selected, the power level of the vacuum cleaner adjusts automatically to suit the floor surface currently being cleaned and ensures the most economical use of energy. And because the guesswork has been eliminated, there is no need for you to adjust the power level yourself.

Silence setting
All Miele vacuums are known for their quiet operation, but a special sound insulation makes the S5 particularly quiet. The new silence setting combines the lowest noise output with the ideal power level for optimum cleaning results.

Convenient park system
For short breaks, the wand and floor tool can simply be inserted into the park system on the back of the barrel. This allows you to answer the door or the telephone without having to find an unsafe resting place for the wand or laying it on the floor. On selected models, the park system also switches off the motor, saving you time when you are interrupted.

Double-sided wand holder
For safe storage and easy transportation, two fittings allow the telescopic wand assembly to be hooked onto the barrel when it is upright one on either side. So no matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the S5 offers you an ideal solution. If you need to carry the vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, you will have the other hand free to hold on to the railing.

Durable bumper strip
The fully integrated bumper strip made from soft plastic goes all the way around the vacuum to protect both furniture and the vacuum in the event of a collision.

Fully integrated set of accessories
To ensure that accessories don't go missing, the S5 features a neat, on-board storage compartment. A crevice nozzle for hard to reach corners, an upholstery tool for all those crumbs on the couch and a dusting brush for the cobwebs in the corners are always on hand, whenever you need them.

Breathe Easy, With a Little Help From Miele
For over 75 years, our research, development and quality control laboratories have tested methods to effectively pick up and, most importantly, retain dust and other indoor air pollutants. After collecting volumes of data, engineers and designers continue to reach the firm conclusion that Miele's system is the most effective and hygienic method of removing particulate matter from the home. Our exclusive combination of a Sealed System using the very best raw materials, electrostatically charged IntensiveClean Plus dust/filter bag and a selection of high quality filter cartridges, including the first certified HEPA filter, provide the essential formula for this success. As a matter offact, the S5 vacuum series has been awarded certification by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute, an independent institute that monitors air hygiene. The S5 joins other Miele vacuums - which were the world's first to receive this certificate - with a top rating of "excellent air quality" This certification refers to Miele's HEPA filter and the vacuum cleaner working together as a Sealed System to provide maximum protection for indoor air quality.

Please exercise caution when evaluating other vacuum filtration systems, since there are many gimmicks used to sell vacuum cleaners which do not work as effectively as ours and claims of performance which cannot be proven scientifically. As this is an area where the results can be devastating to young or elderly lungs, or to anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma, you may want to visit  to discuss the importance of the indoor air quality in your home and how Miele vacuum cleaner can improve it.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING

    Standard Features
  • Impressive 33-foot operating radius (Operating radius is determined by the length of the hose and the power cord)
  • Dustbag change indicator alerts you to replace the hygienic bag
  • Filter grill
  • Filter indicator
  • Overheating lamp
  • Safety shut-off on overheating
  • Space-saving storage bracket on each side of the vacuum
  • Silence insulation

  • Speed control from hose handle
  • Uses a complete "direct connect" system with speed controls on a handy console at the top of the hose handle
  • This quick access gives you the power to electronically adjust the motor's output to optimize cleaning of any surface or object right at your fingertips
  • With this type of control, cleaning lamp shades, curtains and fabric window blinds becomes an almost joyful task undertaken with ease
  • Conventional dusting will also become an activity of the past when using your S5981 Capricorn vacuum by Miele.

  • 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor System
  • A real power pack: the S5 motor is developed and produced in the Miele factories in Germany
    • A 1200-watt powerful performance
    • Optimal usage of power through the airflow
  • The result: great cleaning performance with superior dust intake.

  • Active H.E.P.A. Filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter not only captures and retains tiny, lung-damaging particles (including dust mite feces and pollen)
  • It also uses the same Generally Activated Charcoal filter (GAC) that the Active Air Clean filter uses to absorb odors
  • Conforms to the new stringent European standard for filtration (EN 1822) which means that it actually traps 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 of a micron
  • Are so well designed that they only need to be replaced after 50 hours of use, or approximately 12 months
  • There is also a convenient spot to write the date on the filter, which takes the guesswork out of when the filter should be replaced.

  • 4.76 quart, Type G/N, HyClean dustbag, with spring-loaded, self-sealing collar
  • The unique HyClean bag is a 9-layer fortress of electrostatically charged material that traps micro-sized debris in the airtight vacuum chamber
  • With its spring-loaded, self-locking collar you're never exposed to the tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens you worked to vacuum up!

    Canister Construction
  • Sealed System construction

    Included Floor Tools & Accessories

    Floor Tools
  • SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Brush
    • A mixture of polyamide and natural hair ensures a gentle cushion for this floor brush which makes sure that tile, wood and other smooth surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with extreme care
    • It has a 90° rotation and is exceptionally agile at cleaning around obstacles such as table legs and in tight places.

  • Hoses
  • SES130 Electric Hose
    • A required component for the use of all electric powerbrushes
    • Versions vary depending on canister style used.

  • Wands
  • SET210 Electric, telescopic Wand
    • Sleekly designed, telescopic wand provides electrical supply to direct connect powerbrushes and direct connect hoses

  • Additional Accessories

    Deluxe Handle Assembly
  • This new ergonomic handle makes vacuuming a breeze, keeping the strain off your wrist.

    Integrated Accessories
  • Useful for cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards, and more, three integrated tools, including:
    • A dusting brush
    • An upholstery nozzle and
    • A crevice tool
  • All are conveniently stored on-board, just a hands-reach away under the ABS plastic casing.

    Optional Floor Tools & Accessories

    Floor Tools
  • SEB236 Powerbrush
    • Electrically-driven carpet tool with a 13 3/8"-wide brush roll provides you with 5 height adjustments for a variety of carpet densities
    • This carpet tool has a swivel neck for maneuverability, an integrated, light and all-around bumper strip to protect your furniture and an automatic shut-off when in the parked position. Recommended for: Deep cleaning medium and thick carpeting.
  • SEB217-3 Powerbrush
    • Powerbrush for S5 Models
    • This electrically-driven carpet tool with a 10 1/2"-wide brush roll with floating head and swivel neck design is ideal for low-pile and medium-pile carpet care
    • Recommended for: Deep cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap on low- to medium-pile carpets with moderate densities.

  • Use
  • Recommended for: medium to high-pile or plush carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring

Height: 8 1/4"
Width: 10"
Length: 19"

Color: Luna Silver
Controls: Speed control from hose handle
Power: 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor System
Filters: Active H.E.P.A. Filter
Bags: 4.76 quart, Type G/N, HyClean dustbag, with spring-loaded, self-sealing collar
Canister Construction: Sealed System construction

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