Secure Shopping with Transactional Security

Keeping Your Transactions Secure While Shopping:

At Plesser’s Appliances, we employ CyberSource technology to ensure the safety and security of all your online transactions. We utilize encryption technology whenever you provide us with sensitive information, ensuring that your credit card and personal data are protected from unauthorized access. CyberSource is a reputable provider of secure e-commerce payment technologies and services, recognized globally for its expertise in safeguarding sensitive information. You can trust us and CyberSource to keep your information safe and secure at all times.

For more information regarding Payment Processing via CyberSource please refer to the following links:

For information regarding the safety and secure aspect of your payment implementation please visit

We ensure all transactions pursued by Plesser’s Appliances are safe and secure at all times following the guidelines provided and will give notice for any/all updates to our sites transactional security.